InPatient Guide and Services

vimhans provides indoor admission facilities to its patients. The patients’ can choose accommodation as per their desire from a wide range of options available.


Following advice from the Consultant, if a patient requires admission, he/she can complete the admission formalities at the Admission Facilitation Counter in the OPD. This counter functions from 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM.

During emergency, the Casualty Medical Officer available in Casualty will advise admission which can be done at the IPD Facilitation Counter situated opposite the Casualty. Admissions of Patients from corporates/organizations empanelled with Vimhans/ through Third party Service providers (TPA, s). If a patient’s account is to be settled through any of the sources mentioned above, he/she must ensure a valid authorization letter from the company clearly accepting responsibility for treatment at Vimhans. Any deviations/extra services availed would be directly billed to the patient and settled at the time of discharge.The authorization letters from corporates/organizations/TPA, s can also be directly faxed on No: 011-29849031 OR e-mailed on :

Categories Of Accomodation:

While making choice for accommodation, you can choose from a wide range of options available:

  • Deluxe Single Rooms.

  • Single Rooms.

  • Semi Private Rooms (Twin Sharing). Not available in the Mental Health Department.

  • Economy Ward Beds Air Conditioned(8-10 beds).


All rooms are tastefully done and have facilities like Water Dispensing machines, LCD Screens, Air-conditioning, Running Hot Water, and Telephone. All efforts are made to provide you with your choice of desired accommodation, however at times it may not be possible due to non availability. In such a case the possible alternate accommodation will be provided. Request for room change can be made with the concerned floor manager, in person who will attempt to meet your request as early as possible.

Inclusions Of Daily Package Tel No.011-29802980

Admitting Consultant Charges, All food services, Room Rent and Bed Charges which also include Medical Officer, Nursing Care,Positive & Recreational Activities.


An advance payment as per the mentioned schedule is to be made at the time of admission. The attendants of patients admitted would be given interim bill on alternate days and are requested to update advance payments accordingly. Final settlement of accounts will be requested at the time of discharge.

Payments: An advance payment as per the mentioned schedule is to be made at the time of admission. The attendants of patients admitted would be given interim bill on alternate days and are requested to update advance payments accordingly. Final settlement of accounts will be requested at the time of discharge.

All payments can be made in cash, through banker’s cheque and credit cards at the billing counter, round the clock. The hospital does not accept cheques at the time of discharge.

Surgical Charges: Treating Consultant will apprise you about the approximate stay in hospital along with expected expenditure. Any change in the above will be intimated from time to time by him or his team members.


Interim Bills: Our computerized billing system will consolidate all charges for medicines / consumables/services availed by you during hospitalization.

Patient's attendant are provided Provisional bills of treatment on daily basis.

During Your Stay:

A skilled and dedicated team of personnel, some of them working behind the scenes work hard round the clock to make your stay comfortable and pleasant and ensuring a speedy recovery for you/ your dear ones. To give you a brief overview of the departments working to help you, some of them are:

Treatment& Medical care: The admitting consultant is responsible for planning his/her patient’s treatment and the nursing/ support staff work accordingly. The consultant makes all necessary arrangements for lab/radiological tests, medications, diet and any other special medical requirement of the patient. The team supporting a consultant in treating a patient consists of:

Professional Staff: This includes Critical Care Experts, Resident Medical Officers, Skilled Nursing Staff and technicians in various departments who work 24 Hours, to ensure high standards of patient care & to keep constant vigil on patient’s conditions that need continuous monitoring. These are a vital link between the consultant and the auxiliary services. The Resident Medical Officers follow/ensure the instructions/orders from the treating consultant.

Your treating Consultant is ably supported by a team of in house resident medical officers to ensure monitoring of treatment round the clock. They are a vital link between the Consultants and auxiliary services. They make periodic rounds to monitor and assess your progress. Resident doctors only follow the orders given by your consultant.

Should you require more information regarding your progress, kindly speak to your consultant or any member for his unit. In the event of any emergency the nursing staff will contact the Resident medical Officer o assigned to your floor.

Nursing Staff: Our nursing personnel will provide you with highly compassionate and professional care. They administer your medicines and execute the treatment as specified by your treating consultant. The doctors and nursing personnel work in tandem to provide you with high standards of care. The nursing call button is the switch hanging on your bedside. It may be used for any kind of nursing attention.

Floor Managers & Miscellaneous Support Staff : The team includes floor managers and support staff from departments like paramedical, housekeeping, cafeteria, etc, who work round the clock to ensure our patrons stay comfortable and uneventful. Any suggestions/complaints can be shared with the floor manager available on your floor round the clock.

Informed Consent :

There is a general consent form that you sign at the time of admission. Special procedures being contemplated require your consent and you may discuss the same with your treating consultant. The nursing staff will make these forms available to you.

Money & Valueable: It is not advisable to bring large sums of money or valuables into the hospital. The hospital does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to your possession.

Housekeeping & Linen:You will be provided daily change of clothing and linen; you will be required to use the same. In case of any difficulty you are advised to meet the floor manager.

Medicines & ConsumablesYour consultant prescribes medicines and surgical consumables that are required for your treatment, the same are procured from the in-house pharmacy. Medicines procured elsewhere than the hospital pharmacy are not permissible.


When you are sick you need to be nourished with a healthy diet, our dieticians will be more than willing to plan your diet if required in consultation with your treating doctor. If you have special needs or requirements please discuss the same with our dietician. Our kitchen is equipped with state of art equipments to prepare all kinds of meals in hygenic condition.

Maintainance: Preventive maintenance of all equipment in the rooms routinely and thoroughly done before admission of a new patient. To further ensure continued patient comfort, the staff of the hospital make daily room rounds, during these rounds various equipments, facilities in the room are checked and if necessary serviced/replaced. If you need any assistance regarding television, air-conditioning, power points, nurse call system, plumbing or telephone in your room, please let the sister in chare know, of your floor. Please allow a response time of 30 minutes.

Waste management: The hospital has implemented a waste management system, wherein the waste is segregated into biodegradable and non biodegradable.
Attendant & visitors: As a patient you require rest and we do our best to provide you with a quiet , peaceful and tranquil environment in order to achieve this we need your co-operation, please discourage visitors especially children to the extent possible. Our infrastructure can support only one attendant per patient. Visiting hours for the hospital are:
Please ensure that visitors adhere to the visiting hours only and that they are restricted to the absolute minimum.

Some important points to make the hospital stay more convenient/ pleasant:

Taking Care of your money and valuables:: It is not advisable to keep large amount of money or jewellery etc in the hospital. The hospital management is not responsible for any theft/ loss or damage to any such possession.

Rules/Regulations & Consent: At the time of admission you are required to read /understand and sign general rule/regulations and consent form that helps in simplifying your treatment process and to guide you about the hospital system of functioning.

Smoking: VIMHANS is a no smoking zone. Patients and their attendants are strictly prohibited from smoking in the hospital premises.

Silence: Silence is essential in a hospital environment. Visitors and attendants are requested to keep down noise level, e.g the volume of television sets and avoid unnecessary noise.

Patient’s relatives are advised not to crowd the patient’s room, ICU, etc and follow hospital rules and regulations. The hospital staff has instructions to take necessary steps to prevent noise and crowding.


Due to limited parking space, there may be times, when parking is not available. Please ensure your vehicles are not parked in the no parking areas and do not obstruct emergency cases from immediate and quick access to the emergency department.

Going Home:

When your doctor feels that you are able to leave the hospital, he will inform you and indicate this on your medical record. Personnel at the nursing station will assist you in preparing to leave.

Hospital rooms are always booked in advance and we have a waiting list of patients who need admission. Therefore, we request that you make arrangements to vacate your room as soon your bill is settled. Your co-operation is requested and appreciated.

Tips & Gratuities:

It is our aim to provide you with the highest standards of care in all aspects and our employees are pleased to offer you every attention to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Individuals are rewarded by knowing that they have helped in your recovery and do not expect to receive tips or gratuities, for carrying out their jobs to your satisfaction. Our policy expressly states that staff should not accept gifts or extra payments for services performed and we courteously ask you to assist us in implementing this policy.

Checklist/Please Remember:

  1. To check the room and wardrobe thoroughly for your personal items.
  2. To check your locker to ensure that you have taken all your belongings before handing over the keys
  3. To collect all your prescriptions/films/reports and to fully understand the instructions concerning medicines or diet to be followed at home.

Your continued good health depends on your ability to maintain a positive disposition and follow the exercise, diet and medication regimen prescribed. Make healthy living your priority and good health will always will be with you.

Linen & Washing of Clothes:


Nursing Associate Services at Hospital for Homecare: Physical and mental disabilities are common withthe elderlyand the infirm, making them wholly or partially dependent. To extend the support services to all categories of dependent patients, we organize services of Home Care Workers at their homes as well as during the stay of the patients at the hospital. Please contact on the following numbers / e-mail ids: 9650725925 / 29849010-20 OR

Availibilty Of Items Needed By Patients For Use at Hospital & Prolonged Home Care: Patients, often of prolonged stay at the hospital need some items like, special beds, water/air mattresses, wheel chairs ,etc. The hospital has an in house workshop for manufacturing and customizing fittings of the items per the requirement of an individual. These items are sold or leased on no profit basis.Please contact on the following numbers / e-mail ids: 9650725925 / 29849010-20 OR

Discharge Formalities:

An approval and order from your consultant doctor is required for you to leave the hospital. After the doctor has conveyed the order to the attending nurse, the billing department begins the billing process. Kindly allow two hours for completing the formalities, after which you get a call to clear your bill. The receipt must be shown to the nursing staff who along with the resident doctor explains post discharge medications and patient care methods. The Beds/Rooms need to be vacated within one hour of settling of bill. At the time of discharge, a discharge file is given to the pt; it contains all the relevant papers about the treatment given during the stay at the hospital. These are important documents. One needs to bring all the papers, for follow ups with the treating doctor.Occassionally patients may leave with a prescription and collect remaining details later.
If the patient requires transportation at the time of discharge, please bring it to the notice of In Patient Co-coordinator at ext- 26 before discharge, for making the necessary arrangements. Out station ambulance facilities are also available.
At times, the patient requires life saving equipment support even after discharge. The hospital helps in providing these, including oxygen cylinders on hire.

Important Information:

Medico Legal Cases

On admission of a medico legal case, the hospital has to mandatorily honor the rules of the Indian Govt and inform the local police authorities. In case of mortality, post mortem is a must. The authority to hold back post mortem is not within the purview of the hospital authorities.

Death Certificate::If a patient expires in the hospital, an interim death certificate is issued to the family by the hospital to carry the body. The hospital sends the required documents to the Govt agency. The family has to collect the final Death Certificate from the MCD office located at Jal Vihar near Lajpat Nagar with regard to all mortalities at Vimhans.

Medical Certificate:The hospital issues the medical certificate as required by the patients, on the basis of facts available.

The above mentioned certificates can be collected from Facilitation Counter in the OPD waiting hall between 9:00 AM and 5:00 Pm on all working days.

Wheel Chairs/Trolleys are available through nursing stations and/or facilitation counter in the OPD.

Feedback:Vimhans is keenly interested in sharing your experiences as a patient at our hospital. Please complete the discharge feed back form that would be given to you at the time of discharge. We request that you share with us the things that we have done well and the things that need improvement. Your feedback, suggestions and comments will help the hospital and its staff to serve patients better. If your child is a patient, please reply for him or her. You can also e-mail your feedbacks at

Important Inpatient Facilities

Chemist: A 24 hour pharmacy in the premises of the hospital is available for admitted patients, but also for the community as a whole. All essential and critical medications are available of all times, some exclusively at this pharmacy only.

Blood Bank:

Blood being a critical component for health care necessary precautions are taken while screening and procurement. The hospital has arrangements with White Cross blood bank located at East of Kailash, on replacement basis. All blood components are procured from White Cross Blood Bank , Pusa Road and Rotary Blood Bank. For details please contact the inpatient co-ordinator at extension 134.

Ambulance: Ambulance Services: The hospital has an outsoursed fleet of 4 fully equipped ambulances, to manage all types of transport requirements. When required these vehicles are fitted with modern gadgets and resuscitative equipments. These are handled by a team of trained and dedicated medical professionals, paramedics and trained drivers ready for all eventualities round the clock. Patients on life support systems can be transported on emergency trolleys that can be loaded in to the ambulance. For details kindly contact the inpatient Co-ordinator at extension- 502 / 9999168707.

Dietary Services:All meals for the patient are provided by the hospital dietary department. The hospital has a team of qualified and experienced dieticians working under the guidance of a very senior expert, who analyze the requirements of the patients and prepare a diet chart in accordance with the consulting doctor. The likes and dislikes of the patients are also honored within limitations.

Orthotist & Prosthetic Services:

An in – house orthotist is available for giving assistance to the handicapped and physically challenged. All aids, fittings and wheel chairs are available as well as an inhouse workshop which helps to customize the requirements.

Bank Facility: A leading Public Sector Bank, has a fully fledged branch in the hospital premises for the convenience of the patients, staff and for the community as a whole. The bank provides the facilities of encashment of travelers cheques, hiring of lockers and short duration current accounts for the facility of patients. Bank has an ATM.

News Paper: English / Hindi newspaper are supplied to all private rooms and some left in the waiting halls as well as nursing counters for economy wards.

Special items needed by patients at Hospital prolonged use at home: Often patients who have prolonged hospital stay need some items like, special beds, air mattresses, wheel chairs etc. The hospital has an in house workshop for manufacturing and customizing fittings of the items as per the requirement of an individual. These items are sold on no profit basis or hired out on payment of a deposit.


Drinking Water:An ultramodern water dispensing machine based on RO / UV system is installed in all rooms / wards, to provide clean water to the patients and attendants.


Cafeteria:The cafeteria at VIMHANS is open from 07:00 AM to 10:00 PM. After 10:00 PM the service is done through a service window which serves hot/cold beverages & packed snacks.