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About India Habitat Centre

India Habitat Centre (IHC) has been conceived as an ideal physical environment with a range of facilities, that would maximize the effectiveness of the individuals and institutions, in their holistic support of the habitat. The principal resolve of the Centre - "to restore at every level - environment and ecological - a balanced, harmonious and improved way of life," is reflected in its concept and design.

Spread over nine acres in the heart of New Delhi, IHC has a built up area of approximately one million square feet. It incorporates innovative new technologies in building management systems, conference systems, communication and energy conservation, creating probably the most intelligent building in the country.

The India Habitat Centre logo, an amalgam of the divine archer Shiva, juxtaposed against the downward pointing triangle that represents his consort Shakti, symbolizes the archetypal marriage of energies projected in abstract form - a key to the secret of cosmic and universal harmony.

Several leading corporate entities and non-profit organizations like The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), HUDCO, NHB, CII, ILO etc., sharing a common concern for the 'Habitat', have come together to participate in this exciting venture of institution building and have evolved a unique equation of synergy within the complex. India Habitat Centre is now home not only to these offices and research organizations but houses a club, India's most comprehensive convention centre as well as several restaurants and performance venues for cultural activities. The design and operation of the hospitality facilities, 'Habitat World', has been entrusted to Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.