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Child Mental Health Rehabilation


Occupational Therapy:-

  • Comprehensive evaluation using standardized assessment scales following which an individualized therapy plan is implemented on an individual basis
  • Service delivered to varied diagnosis like ASD, ADHD, LD, CP, GDD, developmental disorder, etc.
  • Specialized units include:
  • Sensory Integration Unit
  • Gross and fine motor skills unit
  • Activities of daily living (ADL) unit
  • Handwriting unit
  • Visual perceptual training unit
  • Feeding unit
  • Toilet training unit
  • Patients monitored over time on regular basis

Speech Therapy:-

  • Clients assessed on their speech and language skills and individual therapy plan implemented for each child
  • Specialized areas of intervention include:
  • Speech and language skills
  • Pragmatic skills
  • Oro motor skills
  • Feeding skills


Special Education:-

Primary focus is on the Pre Linguistic Skills (PLS), i.e.
  • Sitting tolerance
  • Compliance
  • Eye contact
  • Joint attention

PLS skills are considered to be the foundation skills upon which all other higher level skills are built

Behavioral Intervention:-

  • Applied Behavior Analysis conducted by psychologists and appropriate behavioral intervention strategies applied with the child
  • Same strategies shared with all other team members to be followed in their routine sessions and with parents to be followed at home
  • Weekly review to measure the effectiveness of the strategies and changes made accordingly


Autism spectrum Disorder (ASD):-

  • Children < 3 years
  • Intervention areas include PLS and play skills
  • Professionals involved: special educator and Speech and language therapist
  • Frequency: twice a week
  • Days: Monday and Wednesday
  • Time: each session 1.5 hours long (pre lunch)
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Outcome measures: ISAA/VSMS/PLB score

Social and communication skills:-

  • Children > 3 years (attending school)
  • Primary focus is on social communication and pragmatic skills
  • Professionals include educator and SLT
  • Frequency: twice/week
  • Time: each session 1.5 hours long (post lunch)
  • Duration: 3 months

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) :–

  • Children 3-6 years, preschool
  • Primary focus on pre academic and writing skills like
  • Visual perceptual
  • Handwriting readiness
  • VMI
  • Professionals include: Occupational Therapist and Educator
  • Frequency: twice/week
  • Time: each session 1.5 hours long (post lunch)
  • Duration: 3 months



  • Annual training program for parents or caregivers
  • Once a month session conducted by professionals including psychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists
  • Primary focus would be to psycho educate and train parents about the generic skills which are essential for managing these children
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
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