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Diet and Nutrition

The Dietary Team at Vimhans specialises in providing customised plans with emphasis on Lifestyle Management along with specific dietary counselling:

  • diabetic meal plans,
  • diet for cancer patients after chemotherapy,
  • diet for patients after cholecystectomy,
  • gastric disorders,
  • perinatal nutrition,
  • nutrition with emphasis on women’s health
  • improving bone health and overall lifestyle.

Our Dietary Consultations take a holistic approach, in consideration of both mind and body. We take into account all your health challenges, eating patterns, diet preferences, lifestyle, and such factors while prescribing a diet pattern. Aside from specialised, therapeutic diet charts, we also offer recipe videos to our clients, which they can utilise while planning their own diets.

The neuropeptide Serotonin has been identified as being the most significant in affecting levels of mood, anxiety, sleep and appetite in our body and has a wide variety of functions in our body. Since 90-95% of this chemical is produced in our digestive tract, maintaining our gut health is essential.

What we eat can affect not just our physical health but also our mental health and overall well-being.

Individual dietary intake and nutritional status are important factors that influence mental health and the psychiatric disorders growth. Many mental health researches focus on depression, cognitive impairment, and dementia, and there is insufficient evidence for other psychological disorders, including schizophrenia. At VIMHANS, food and nutrition play a close relationship while dealing with mental illness.

Approaches at VIMHANS:

Food and Nutrition Approaches at Vimhans are not just providing basic meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), but going a step further and incorporating food into a client’s recovery journey. We take great pains in ensuring optimum health for ourselves through diet. The emphasis on Food has always been prevalent as it is as one of the basic and most important need of any human being for survival.

However, we believe and nurture the concept of “Aatmanirbhar”, self-dependent. Involvement with Food starts in the morning - activities which we call Breakfast A.D.L.; clients come along with their caregivers and cook (pre prepared raw material) their own breakfast according to individual taste and preference.

After breakfast, they get involved in various activities in the department of their liking, including helping in meal preparation (lunch).

Food Activity/ Culinary Therapy:

Thrice a week, we conduct culinary therapy (live cookoff) sessions with the client and staff members. The food activity is a small group MasterChef class, wherein each and every one is provided with the individual cooking station with prelaid equipment and raw materials. The group comes together to cook something healthy, easy, tasty, and of course, memorable.

With client’s safety as our top priority - we use only electric, fireless equipments and thus, e.g. induction, oven, soup maker, cake maker, air fryers, electric tandoors etc.

We also ensure we don’t use anything with sharp edges like knife, cutters, peeler etc.

Culinary therapy has gained a lot of attention over the past few years, it has become one of the most sought after and unique experiences at Vimhans. Patients eagerly wait for these sessions and we welcome their suggestions regarding the choice of the recipes too! All this is supervised by our nutritionists and trained staff.

It is the only therapy which augments and uses all the five senses and our happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine increase:

  • Vision : colourful appeal for eyes
  • Auditory : sound of spluttering of food, whistle of pressure cooker
  • Olfactory : aroma of food
  • Tactile : texture related feeling with hands
  • Gustatory : different flavours

The joy and sense of achievement that the patients feel after participating in these sessions regularly is beyond words!

“Anyone can cook” – Chef Gusteau

The culinary therapies are not just for our patients but also for the visitors/ guests as food brings everyone to the same platform. It boosts confidence, sense of accomplishment, social integration & emotional bonding with food as well as family members.

There is something about cooking a meal together - a sense of equality amongst ALL participants. Sometimes doctors/residents/interns join in as these activities help in rapport building, and also in observing certain social behaviour in the patients. Individuals from diverse background are invited to participate; their feedback after the activities is always full of support and encouragement.

“Food makes one happy and happy mind cooks good food”

There is strong association with Good ?? Food ?? Mood

Food as a Vocational Activity:

With the help of the nutritionists & dedicated staff, our clients have also achieved a lot in the new product category development. These area all free from chemicals, synthetic colors & preservatives, we use only natural ingredients, ex: Sooji Namak Para, variety of Matthis, Soya ribbons, Chakli, bakery items – Muffins, Cakes, Cookies, Buns, Berger, Pao varieties of Namkeens – Khatta Meetha, Diet mixture, Masala/Tomato Sev.

The above items are available for sale over the counter.

All above activities are also the part of assignments and part of a dietary professional’s/ interns’ trainings at VIMHANS, they are assigned projects related to these aspects, and are also encouraged to develop new recipes.


The Dietary Department at VIMHANS also provides internship to MSc. (Food & Nutrition) and DDPHN students for a period of 3 months.They are trained in planning of diets of different diseases eg. Cardiac, Diabetic, Obesity, Renal, Liver, Oncology, Ryles Tube feeds, different Eating Disorders Regular integration with IPD patients and giving therapeutic counseling though customized diet plan is given more importance.

Since VIMHANS is now offering multispecialty health care services, interns also get an exposure on a variety of therapeutic meal planning. Contact us for more details via email.

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VIMHANS Services of Excellency

Dr. Sanjay Pattanayak

More than Eighteen years of clinical, research and teaching experience at the premier institutes of India ? Guidance and supervision of Postgraduate psychiatry students and Ph D research work ? Leading a multi-disciplinary mental health team of Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist and Nursing staff ? Active participant in workshops/ CMEs / academic activities conducted by national and international agencies i.e. APA, NACO, NIAAA, WPA, IPS, CINP and ISBD.

MON-TUE-THUR-SAT (10:00 AM TO 05:00 PM)


Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Chief co-ordinator DNB teaching programme Department of Psychiatry Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health, Neuro & Allied Sciences (V.I.M.H.A.N.S.) No 1 Institutional Area, Nehru Nagar New Delhi-110065 India


Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, VIMHANS

Special Interest
  • Adult Psychiatry
    • Depression; Bipolar Mood Disorders; Schizophrenia; OCD
    • Substance use disorders: Alcohol and Drug abuse.
    • Adult ADHD
  • Child & Adolescent Psychiatry


? Pattanayak SK, Vaswani M, Dhawan A, Jena R, Saraya A. Assessment of the

relationship between liver function tests and neurocognitive functioning in alcohol

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? Pattanayak SK, Malhotra S, Ramesh S, Sagar R, Khandelwal SK. Profile of elderly

patients attending the Psychiatric out-patient clinic in a tertiary care

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? Malhotra S, Pattanayak SK. Profile of patients attending a psychiatric clinic in the

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Bipolar Disorders 2019; 21, Issue S1(P-119)

Dr Sonali Bali

Dr. Sonali Bali is a well known psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience and she is a recipient of All India Sarda Menon Gold Medal in Psychiatry. She is a specialist for all psychiatric problems in adults like Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Depression, OCD, Anxiety Disorders, Personality disorders, Alcohol and other drug dependence disorders etc She also has a special interest in Consultation Liason psychiatry, Emergency psychiatry, Rehabilitation of chronic Mentally ill patients, and complex difficult to manage cases She is soft spoken, fluent in English and Hindi and gives personal attention and time to all her patients

MON-TUE-THUR-SAT (10:00 AM TO 05:00 PM)




Consultant Psychiatrist, Vimhans

Special Interest

General Adult Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent problems, Drug Abuse treatment and Rehabilitation Marital and Psychosexual disorders, Problems of old age, Neuropsychiatry, Burn out/stress in professionals and students, Psychotherapy.

Dr Mausumi Sinha

Experience Clinical- Expertise in treating Adult Mood Disorders (Depression and Bipolar Disorder), Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, Drug de addiction, Psychotic Disorders and Relationship problems for more than 15 years. Working in liason with other departments of the institute. Psychiatry consultancy in mental health boards and mental health camps organized by the Government of West Bengal. Teaching- Teaching faculty in the specialty of Psychiatry for the course of DNB Psychiatry (NBE) and guiding students pursuing the course in their dissertation. Medical College faculty position under West Bengal Medical Education Service (WBMES), Government of West Bengal for 15 years. Lecture classes and OPD/bedside clinical training of: Undergraduate students of the Medical College- II, VIII and IX Semesters Post-graduate –Degree and Diploma of Psychiatry, Community Medicine, Physical Medicine (WBUHS), Psychology (Pure and Applied)- M.A./M.Phil courses (IGNOU, RabindraBharati University, Calcutta University and Barasat West Bengal StateUniversity). Nursing- BSc and MSc nursing (WBUHS).

MON-TUE-THUR-SAT (10:00 AM TO 05:00 PM)


Institutional Area, Nehru Nagar

Personal Profile                                                                     

Senior Consultant  Psychiatrist with more  than 18 years of experience in fields of Clinical, Teaching and Research activities.                                                                                                                                                                                  


Medical Career

Faculty position (Ex-Associate Professor) in Department of Psychiatry (WBMES) for 13 years.

Currently Thesis Guide for students pursuing DNB Psychiatry (NBE) for more than 5 years.


Areas of Expertise                                                                 

Non-invasive Brain Stimulation (rTMS-Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)                                                   

Substance abuse cessation and Rehabilitation                                                                                               

Cognitive disorders and Remediation                                                                                    



Non-invasive Brain Stimulation of Psychiatric disorders - ECT, rTMS and TDCS (NIMHANS Bangalore)

Best Practices in management of Addictive Disorders (NIMHANS,Bangalore)                                                                                                                    

Bio-Statistics and Research Methodology (Govt. of West Bengal)                                                                                                  



Medical Education, Research and Technology (Govt. of WB)



  • Fellow of Indian Psychiatric Society
  • Life Member of Indian Medical Association
Special Interest
  • Research in the field of Psychiatry exploring the nuances of life, culture and habitation.
  • Cognitive neurosciences with emphasis on Geriatric Psychiatry (Dementia, Movement disorders, Parkinson’s Disease).
  • AMA PRA Category 1 Credit (10 CME Credits) on Epilepsy
  • (American Academy of Neurology)
  • Certification on “Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation of Psychiatric
  • Disorders-ECT, RTMS, TDCS” (NIMHANS,Bangalore)
  • Trained on “Medical Education, Research and Technology”
  • (Medical Teacher Training Centre, Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata, Government of West Bengal).
  • Certification in “Biostatistics and Research Methodology”
  • (Government of West Bengal)
Dr Nandita Hazari

Experience Six years of clinical, research and teaching experience at AIIMS, Delhi, PGIMER, Chandigarh, KEM Hospital Mumbai and a one year fellowship in OCD at NIMHANS, Bengaluru before joining VIMHANS Trained in pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and non invasive brain stimulation for Obsessive compulsive disorder Extensive clinical training in management of substance use disorders at National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre, AIIMS Extensive training in managing depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders Supervision of training and research of post graduate students Active participation in workshops, CMEs and conferences

MON-WED-FRI (10:00 AM TO 03:00 PM)


Consultant Psychiatrist VIMHANS Hospital since February 2018 till date



  • Member of Indian Psychiatric Society
  • Member of Indian Association for Child and Adolescent mental health
  • Member of Indian Association of Social Psychiatry
Special Interest

Adult Psychiatry

Obsessive compulsive disorder:I have done a one year fellowship in OCD from NIMHANS, Bengaluru where I received training in clinical aspects, cognitive behavior therapy and use of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques (tDCS and rTMS) in OCD.

Depression, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Substance use disorders

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD): During my MD training, my thesis dissertation was on ADHD and sleep disturbances


§ MD thesis: Assessment of Sleep Disturbances in Children with Attention-deficit Hyperactivity

Disorder (AIIMS, Delhi)

§ Co-investigator in study on clozapine effectiveness, side effects, use in adolescents (PGIMER,


§ Co-investigator in study on magico-religious beliefs and stigma among patients with bipolar

disorder (PGIMER, Chandigarh)

§ Co-investigator in Family CAGE questionnaire as a screening tool for substance use

(PGIMER, Chandigarh)

§ Co-investigator in Dual diagnosis in tertiary deaddiction centre (PGIMER, Chandigarh)

§ PDF research: A double blind randomised sham controlled study to examine the effect on

response inhibition by transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) using functional near

infra-red spectroscopy (NIMHANS, Bengaluru)

§ Co-investigator in study on effectiveness of intensive inpatient CBT in OCD (NIMHANS,


Dr. Anukriti Verma

Gained clinical experience at 2 tertiary care psychiatric hospitals – IHBAS, VIMHANS and at a general hospital psychiatric unit at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. Expertise in handling cases of Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, OCD, Anxiety disorders, personality issues and Drug addiction, Violent behavior. Special expertise and experience in handling child and adolescent problems – hyperactivity, academic declines, aggression , poor adjustment. Expertise in handling behavioral problems in persons with various medical diseases and in elderly and physically disabled health issues in burns patients, victims of sexual trauma, and child birth related issues. Expertise in cases of body dysmorphic disorder and skin diseases.

MON-WED-FRI (10:00 AM TO 03:00 PM)


Institutional Area, Nehru Nagar



Special Interest
  • Clearing myths and misconceptions about mental health disorders and propagating a scientific understanding of dysfunctional behavior / mood and thought process.
  • Lifestyle changes in persons with mental behavioral problems including advice on diet + nutrition.
  • Neurocognitive remediation of patients with schizophrenia.
Mrs. Simrita Chaudhry

• Conducted Hypnotherapy, PLR and LBL sessions (over 11,000 hrs) • Conducted workshops on “ Hypnotherapy” (over 1,000 hrs) at Vimhans • Conducted workshops on “Introduction to Hypnotherapy” for psychology students (over 600 hrs) • Awareness talks on “Myths & Misconceptions about Hypnotherapy” ‘Power of Subconscious Mind’ for various school and college students.

Mon to Sat

·         ·  Integrating complimentary therapies with mainstream therapies with emphasis on emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

·         ·  Hypnotherapy (Past life Regression and life between life therapy)

·         ·  Music Therapy & Energy Medicine.

·         ·  Mental Health Rehabilitation. 

·         Co-ordinator, Rehabilitation services in mental health at Vimhans: 20yrs

·         ·      Established & headed Mind Body Centre at Vimhans : 20yrs

Dr. Shivani Aggarwal

Psychiatric Experience: Ward Work: day-to-day management of psychiatric and physical illnesses of in-patients. Take responsibility for initial assessment, develop a care plan and involve other members of multi-disciplinary team (CPN’s, day service, clinical psychologist) as appropriate and participate in CPA review. Gained a wide experience of various types of psychopathology that occur within the remit of Psychiatry. Outpatient Clinics: I run out-patient clinics 6 days a week presently. Community Psychiatry: familiar with home treatment strategies and the structure of community mental health care. On-Call Experience: as an SHO in the trust I was taking part in the resident on-call rotations. Risk Assessment: Experience in risk assessment and the management of Psychiatric emergencies and use of Section 5 (2), 12(2) of the mental health act (UK). ECT: Involved in taking part in ECT Rotations. Participation in Child protection conferences and knowledge of court procedures. Preparation of reports for and attendance at mental health review tribunals. General Practice: Have worked in rural hospital of the Himachal Pradesh Government (India) and was responsible for the following tasks: Complete supervision of the Immunization Programs for children (including school heath programme). Reporting and management of acute respiratory infections in children under 5 years. Providing Family Planning and Antenatal care services. Outpatient Clinic under senior supervision. Health Education of the public through health lectures in the hospital. Provide training and educational sessions for the paramedical team. Conducted health programmes for health promotion e.g. educating people importance of sanitation and safe water General Medicine: Management of common medical conditions including ischaemic heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. Manual Skills/ Practical Procedures: throughout my practice I learned many manual and practical skills such as CPR.

MON-WED-FRI-SAT (10:00 AM TO 05:00 PM)


Institutional Area, Nehru Nagar



  • GMC FULL Registration number 6040765
  • Inceptor of Royal College Of Psychiatrists
  • Delhi Medical Council- Registration Number (India) 32266
  • Fully registered to practice Medicine in India
Ms. Naina Sharma

1. VIMHANS Hospital, New delhi (2018-present) Psychotherapy- Actively working with young adult, adult & geriatric population and handling cases of adjustment issues, grief, marriage & relationship difficulties, depression, OCD & other anxiety disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, psychosis, dementia and neuropsychological deficits. Assessments- As per the requirement doing IQ assessment, Personality assessment, Diagnostic psychometry and Neuropsychological assessment. Talks- Delivered talks for five times at India Habitat Centre, Delhi and presented topics like Dynamics of Well being, Fostering resilience in the face of adversity, Make meaning out of adversity by having an existential approach towards life, Emotional intelligence for better relationships and Reminiscence therapy for late life depression.

MON-WED-FRI (10:00 AM TO 03:00 PM)


         Letter of Appreciation from Vimhans hospital under Mr. Pallav Bonerjee (Consultant Neuro Clinical Psychologist) during the internship period June 2014- August 2014

         Letter of Appreciation from Fortis Escorts Heart Institute under Dr. Bhavna Barmi (Sr. Clinical Psychologist) during the internship period February-April 2013.


         Letter of Appreciation from Mental Health Rehabilitation Department at Vimhans under Ms. Natasha Ryntathiang (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) during August- September 2012.


         Certificate of participation for volunteering in the Taleemi Mela and for the participation in counseling sessions held at Jamia Millia Islamia 2014.


         Certificate of participation in the workshop on “Psychological Assessment” under Mr. S.K. Kulkarni at Department of Psychology, Banasthali University in 2011.


         Completed certificate course in Radio Production (RJ-Ing and Anchoring) and secured grade A conducted by Banasthali University in 2011


         Certificate of Merit from Association of Indian Universities for securing first position in Skit competition in National Youth Festival, 2011


        Certification of Merit from Association of Indian Universities for securing Third position in Elocution and Debate competition in West Zonal Youth Festival, 2010


         Certificate of participation in the working session on “Young voices for sustainable development” at 4th International Conference on Environmental Education, 2007


         Certificate of Merit for securing second position in Elocution contest at National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi in 2007.


         Certificate of participation in National Children's assembly and integration camp held at National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi in 2006

Won multiple certificates in singing, dancing, debate and declamation contest at Inter school and college level.

Ms. Somya Jain

February 2019- Present: Clinical Psychologist, Vimhans, New Delhi Key Responsibilities: Undertake individual psychotherapy for adults presenting with diverse psychopathology with an eclectic orientation, in both in-patient and out-patient settings at the hospital. I specialize in management of anxiety disorders. Active part of the institute’s mental health awareness programs, workshops and seminars. I supervise interns and hold academic sessions for psychiatry residents. January 2018- February 2019: Clinical Psychologist, Sarvam Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Shahdra

MON-WED-FRI (10:00 AM TO 05:00 PM)

2015-2017 MPhil Clinical Psychology Trainee at IHBAS

? Engaged in extensive supervised individual psychotherapy with children, adolescents and
adults presenting with a diverse range of behavioural, emotional difficulties in the
outpatient and inpatient facilities.
? Provided crisis intervention to the individuals presenting in the Emergency.
? Rehabilitation and therapeutic management of clients in the half-way home Saksham in
individual & team settings with psychiatrists and psychiatric social workers.
? Conducted psychological assessments and psychotherapy with clients presenting in the
Special Clinics for neuropsychological disorders, mental retardation, sexual disorders, drug
and alcohol de-addiction and child & adolescent guidance
? Presented various case conferences, journal articles, seminars on diverse topics.

2017 MPhil Dissertation

A Test of the Metacognitive Model of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

2014 M.A. Dissertation

The Search for Meaning in Suffering: An Existential Exploration of Women’s lived
Ms. Namrata Gupta

February 2017- Present: Clinical Psychologist, Vimhans, New Delhi Key Responsibilities: Undertake individual psychotherapy for adults presenting with diverse psychopathology, in both in-patient and out-patient settings at the hospital. I specialize in management of anxiety disorders. Active part of the institute’s mental health awareness programs, workshops and seminars. I supervise interns and hold academic sessions for psychiatry residents.

MON-TUE-THUR-SAT (10:00 AM TO 05:00 PM)


Institutional Area, Nehru Nagar


Adult Psychology

Ms. Decency Rajput

February 2021- Present: Clinical Psychologist, Vimhans, New Delhi Key Responsibilities: Undertake individual psychotherapy for adults presenting

TUE-WED-FRI-SAT (10:00 AM TO 05:00 PM)

MPhil. Clinical Psychology

Dr. Monalisa Palit

Teaching in Sydney University, (Australia) on various areas in Psychology to under- graduate students such as, General Psychology, Individual Difference, Statistics, Personality ? Assessment and Diagnosis of Developmental Disabilities in Children such as Learning Disability (LD), ADHD, Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) etc. ? Psychotherapy to children and Adolescence for various childhood Psychiatric Disorders with special emphasis on Play Therapy. ? Conducting ongoing Clinical training at Vimhans for Post Masters and Post Doctorate Students in Clinical Psychology. It includes creating syllabus, defining selection process as well delivery of topics. o Providing practical training on psychological assessment Scales to counsellors and clinical students such as, WISC-IV, WAIS, Raven’s CPM, SPM, APM, VABS, CARS II, WIART II, DALI, DST, BASCII etc. ? Coordinating and conducting workshops on wide range of topics for various target population such as: For Clinical Psychology students from India and Abroad and School counsellors, parents and school teachers ? Awareness program for general public at Indian Habitat Centre on child and adolescent mental health issues. ? Facilitator for the CME programs organized for the General Practitioner by VIMHANS for the series on communication in families. ? Interviews on various child related issues for Times of India and Hindustan Times and in Magazines such as Just Careers ? Participation as a live panelist in Delhi Doordarshan and Lok Sabha TV channel as a subject matter expert in this area

TUE-FRI-SAT (10:00 AM TO 04:00 PM)





Ph.D Thesis Maquarie University,
Sydney, Australia

Stress, Resources & Adaptation in Families with Children
with Disability.

B.A. Dissertation Jesus Mary College,
Delhi University

Effect of Stimulus Configuration on Size Perception of
Sub threshold Stimuli

2013 ANCIPS, Abstract One year prevalence of psychiatry illnesses among
clients of Child Adolescent Department, VIMHANS,
Delhi, India: Where are the adolescents?

RESEARCH SPECIALIZATION (Major scientific fields of interest):
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Issues
IMPORTANT RECENT PUBLICATIONS (last 5 years, with titles and References),
including   papers In press 
? Palit M, Jain K, & Aggarwal S (2013), One year prevalence of psychiatry illnesses
among clients of Child Adolescent Department, VIMHANS, Delhi, India: Where are
the adolescents? Abstract, ANCIPS 2013

? Bose M, and Malhotra R (1991) Effect of Stimulus Configuration on Size Perception of
Sub threshold Stimuli. Psychological studies 1991, vol 36 No 1.
? Written the course content for a private institute (MIND ON) New Delhi for parent
training program for school going children of grade 3, 7 and 11 on life skills issues
? Article on ‘Handling Stress’ in Just Careers, Vol 6,(6), June 2008.
? Successfully implementation of a project at NDMC, Delhi Govt. It involved setting
up of psychological assessment and intervention services at one of their schools with
children with special needs
? Successful implementation of a project on rehabilitation of Street children in
collaboration with DON BOSCO. It involved planning assessment of psycho-social
needs and intervention as per the needs of the children.
? Setting up of the department of youth services at VIMHANS. It involved developing
a screening tool for first level assessment of clients by the trainees at VIMHANS, and
collection of data to understand the clientele seeking services at VIHMANS.
? Successful implementation of project on life skills and early detection of mental
health issues both from preventive as well as treatment perspective with a well-
established school in New Delhi. It involved training the counselors and the teachers,
conducting parents’ workshop and setting up the system with the school to map the
positive skills and the ‘At Risk’ variables of the students. It also included setting up
of basic psychological assessment and intervention services at the school.
? Heading on-going research project on Specific Learning Disability as an outreach
program for VIMHANS.
? Currently heading a community outreach project in collaboration with ICMR in
developing a screening tool and training of school counsellors for early detection and
prevention of childhood disabilities and disorders in school going children and
Dt. Shuchi Sharma

December 2014 onward Worked as a Senior Consultant Dietitian and Counsellor at VIMHANS Hospital

MON - SAT (8.00 AM TO 6.00 PM)





Dt. Rashmi Bhatia

Nutritional Psychologist at VIMHANS with 27 years of experience in Nutrition, psychology, counseling and Creative Therapy. At VIMHANS, she is in-charge of managing a team of Dieticians, kitchen staff from lower staff to supervisor of the kitchen. She provides counseling in Dietetics and Nutrition in relation to Mental Health disorders, Neurology, orthopedics, Pediatric Nutrition and Diet for children with special needs, cancer and gastrointestinal diseases to the patients from India as well as abroad. She conducts culinary Therapy with patients, caregivers, Interns, professionals, Nursing staff, students and staff on fireless equipments using healthy ingredients. She has trained more than 40 dietetic interns under her. She has written for several different magazines in past and currently writes for a column in “The Rising Kashmir”. She has been a guest on Pragya channel for “Call for Care” show weekly basis for 3 years. She has been guests in different channel like IBN7, India Today for talk on Nutrition and healthy diet on different Therapeutic requirement. She has conducted webinars during covid. She regularly conducts talk in school, Role of Diet in Mental Health and importance of diet and foods in kids. She holds degree in MSc (Food and Nutrition), M.A (psychology), B.Ed, Post Graduation Diploma in Guidance and counseling and 3 months course in Nutrition in Cancer.

MON - SAT (8.00 AM TO 6.00 PM)


Institutional Area, Nehru Naga



Dr Deepali Rao

March 2013-present (Consultant Clinical Psychologist, VIMHANS Youth Services) VIMHANS Hospital, Delhi • Coordinator for activities of VIIMHANS Youth Services • Coordinator for Parikrama- An early intervention program for children with ASD • Psychoeducational assessment for children with academic difficulties. • Outpatient /Inpatient psychotherapy consultations for children, adolescents and adults with mental health problems • Training interns in clinical skills in child and adolescent work at VIMHANS Youth Services • Conducting academic and training workshops for students and professionals on child counseling and psychotherapy skills January 2011-present (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) Apollo Hospital, NOIDA • Outpatient consultations including assessment and psychological intervention for children and adults with psychological problems. • Couples and family counseling on outpatient basis • Psychological intervention for inpatient referrals from various departments • Conducting educational lectures on parenting concerns for expecting couples as part of ante- natal classes January 2012- May 2012 (Assistant Professor, Ad-Hoc) Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi March 2011-present (Affiliate Clinical Psychologist) PPC India, Bangalore March 2010-September 2010 (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) Samvedana Hospital, NOIDA May 2006- June 2009 (Clinical psychologist/PhD scholar) NIMHANS, Bangalore October 2005- February 2006 (Clinical psychologist) Mindtrack Clinic, Delhi

MON-TUE-WED-SAT (10:00 AM TO 05:00 PM)


Institutional Area, Nehru Naga



Special Interest
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Special Children Issues
  • Parenting and Young adult issues
MR. Prateek Gaur


MON - SAT (10.00 AM TO 5.00 PM)


Institutional Area, Nehru Naga



MR. Ashutosh

Masters in Occupational Therapy.

MON - SAT (10.00 AM TO 5.00 PM)


Institutional Area, Nehru Naga


6 years of Clinical experience.


Occupational Therapist

Mr. Rashid Saifi

Masters in Occupational Therapy

MON - SAT (10.00 AM TO 5.00 PM)


Institutional Area, Nehru Naga



Ms. Sadia Khanum

Masters in Occupational Therapy

MON - SAT (10.00 AM TO 5.00 PM)


Institutional Area, Nehru Naga



Ms. Deepika Mahendru

Speech Therapist

MON - SAT (10.00 AM TO 5.00 PM)


Institutional Area, Nehru Naga


Speech Therapist


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