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Relationships are an integral part of people’s lives. Whether family, friends, spouse or a romantic partner, the importance of a satisfactory relationship cannot be undermined. Happiness in a couple relationship is associated with considerable feelings of well-being and life satisfaction. Individuals/Couples who are dissatisfied in a relationship often go through periods of major stress which negatively impacts their well-being and their ability to handle their life tasks.

The reasons for feeling dissatisfied can be many - from unfulfilled expectations to not knowing how to handle differences in ideas or personalities, or lack of understanding, care or support felt in a relationship and many more.

At times, individuals continue to struggle alone with these relationship issues. Many married couples feel that their problems are best resolved by the elders or other family members. Individuals and couples find it hard to approach a psychologist/ therapist to address and resolve these relationship issues, often approaching one as a last resort.

One of the primary goal of couples therapy is to identify and resolve the reasons for conflict or dissatisfaction in the relationship. Further, couples also come for therapy not just when they have problems, but also to further enrich their relationship and further enhance their relationship satisfaction.

In couples therapy, sessions are conducted together with both partners. On other occasions, individuals also come in alone to address their relationship concerns.

The relationship/ couples therapist helps the partners have an understanding of what is causing difficulties between them; identify ways in which each individual can change themselves in order to improve the relationship; learn helpful ways of communicating; learn ways to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner; and find ways to enhance the positive feelings in their relationship.

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